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Using Quick Sync to Test Screen Designs

Our Quick Sync feature transforms the potentially tedious yet essential task of testing screen designs into a straightforward process by integrating it as a standard option in the title bar.

Released in the Art Deco District Release platform update with a few more quality-of-use improvements.

Previously, when testing screen designs and viewing design changes in-app, you'd have to...

  1. Save the design (web portal).
  2. Force Sync the app from App Settings and navigate back to the screen being tested (in-app).
  3. Force Sync the app in the screen being tested if an action button's user interaction was set to "Force Sync".

Previously, you might have found yourself frequently switching between screens for testing or setting up user interactions, a process that could be quite cumbersome. However, this is no longer the case with the introduction of Quick Sync and Status Connect. The need to navigate away from a screen currently under test within the app has effectively become obsolete. 

All screens now have a Force Sync icon, preconfigured in the Title Bar (Action Buttons- Left2)

Testing design changes has never been easier when all you need to do is tap on the Quick Sync icon to pull in any changes recently made to the form. 

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