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GeoOp is an emerging job management system that allows service jobs to be coordinated and managed with efficiency. One of the easiest ways to automate your process is to link data sources to GeoOp entities such as jobs and users. Our platform enables a one-way synchronization to occur - where any changes in the GeoOp system are downloaded into your data source on a regular basis. Your data source will be automatically updated in this way until you remove the connector or a error occurs (such as losing authorization to access the GeoOp account).

Adding a GeoOp Connection
To add a connection, go to the Connections page which is accessed via Your Account -> Connections. You must be an Administrator-level user to see this option.

1. In the Connections page, click the "Add Connection" button and choose GeoOp.

2. The page will refresh, showing a new GeoOp connection row. Click the Authorize button. This will take you to the GeoOp accounts page where you must log in with your desired GeoOp account. Make sure you log in with the right account - this is the account that all GeoOp Connectors will use. Grant the access requested - this is so that our Connectors can create and update entries on your GeoOp account.

3. After granting access, you should be returned back to the Connections page. Your connection will be verified automatically - you will see a green tick if everything is working.

Turning On Automatic Data Sources
Our integration with GeoOp involves automatically creating data sources that are connected to GeoOp entities. Currently we support GeoOp Jobs and Users as data sources. Once your GeoOp Connection is active, you will see that there are two check boxes on the Connection line. Tick these on and click SaveThis will automatically create data sources for the selected entities; if you wait a minute or two for the synchronization to occur, you should see these appear in your Data Sources listing page (App Builder -> Data Sources).

If the data sources are not created or rows are not downloaded, then there may be a error with the GeoOp data or in accessing your GeoOp account. You can check this by clicking on the View Logs button shown next to your connector in the Settings page of your data source.

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