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Adding a Task from a Task Template

Task Templates can be created for commonly-created Tasks. This allows you to define common types of jobs and quickly dispatch jobs via the template wizard.

Create a new Task from a Task Template by clicking on the Add New button on the right-hand side. From the Create a Task from a Template drop-down, select the Task Template that you want to use and hit the Go button. You will now be In the Create a Task from a Template Screen. Here you will need to fill in the following:

  1. Select an app user to whom to assign the Task.
  2. Specify a date and time by which the Task must be completed. If the app user does not complete the Task by this date, the Task will show in red as overdue until they complete it.
  3. The Template Name will be already filled in; however, you can edit this if you need to.
  4. Enter any additional information for the Task. Use this field to enter notes and other useful information that the app user should know about the Task.
  5. Location is an optional field that allows you to specify a street address at which the Task is to be performed. You can optionally search for the Street name and mark it on the provided map. If you do this, the GPS coordinates of the Location will be included in the Task for the app user to view on a map in the mobile app.

Once you've filled out the fields, hit the Fields button to edit the Form Fields. The Form Fields available for editing here will have been selected during the creation of the task template in the Presets section; if no fields were selected for editing during the creation of the template, this screen will be bypassed. If fields were selected during creation, you will see the Fields Screen which will allow you to edit the Form Fields before sending the task to the user. Once you have completed the Form Fields, you can select the Send Task to User box if you need to. By default, Tasks are created in Draft status and are not sent to users. Select this option if you want to send this Task to the relevant user immediately. Click on the Create button to create the Task. Your task be created and will now appear in the Task Listing Screen.

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