Viewing a Data Source on a Map

To view a data source on a map, the data source must have at least one column with a type of Geo "Coordinate".

When the data source is saved, a new menu option will appear at the top of the page, as well as in the menu options when moving the cursor over a data source on the "Data Sources" page.

Clicking on one of these links will take you to the "Map" page of the data source. If you have rows in your data source with valid data in the Geo Coordinate column, they will show up as pins on the map.

Adding Geo Coordinate Data to a Data Source

  1. Add a new column to the data source with type of "Geo Coordinate".
  2. Insert coordinates in the Lat Long format. The following website offers tools to get addresses in the Lat Long format:
  3. (Optional - Display images when clicking on a pin) Add a new column to the data source with the type of "Image". Add links or upload images for something to represent the data in the row. This can be set to display when clicking on the pin that is displayed on the map. Click on "settings" on the top of the page. Next to "Default Row Display" is a drop down box with the text "Choose Thumbnail". Click on this box and select the column with the image you want to display.
  4. (Optional - Display Title and Subtitle when clicking on a pin).  Click on "settings" on the top of the page. Next to "Default Row Display" are two drop down boxes to the right of the image drop down. Click on these drop down boxes and select the column with the Title and Subtitle you want to display.

  5. Below is a screenshot of a data source containing the seven natural world wonders according to containing their locations in the Lat Long format.
  6. When viewing the following data source on the map page the following output is generated:
  7. If one of the pins are clicked on, and a Image (Step 3), Title (Step 4) or Description (Step 4) is set, these details will be show.

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