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Page Field


The page field adds a new page to your form. This is a common type that you should use whenever you want to show multiple fields on the same screen. The page can also be repeatable via the "Repeatable" property, which is discussed below.

Basic Properties

Data Name

This is the name of the field that should be referenced in any form logic or API calls. Users will not see this name on the form.

Data names cannot contain spaces or any special characters other than an underscore and must begin with a letter. They are case-sensitive and must be referred to precisely whenever they are referenced.

Page Title

This is the name of the page that will be displayed to users on the form at the top of the app screen. This property is completely optional; while a page (like any field) must contain a data name, a page title is optional.

The text color may be chosen with a hex code. The text may be also formatted as Bold or Italic and given a relative size -- Small, Medium (default) or Large.


If this box is checked, the page will be a repeating page, with the user being prompted with a choice to add the page as many times as desired, with each page having the exact same fields. This is useful for scenarios where the same input should be gathered more than once for an indefinite number of iterations.

Data from repeating pages must be output onto a connector template using specific syntax. Information about this can be found in this article.

Please note:  Using a table inside a repeating page is not recommended in the form design and unsupported on output template.

Also note that repeating data must be treated differently from data collected from non-repeating fields: references and calculations cannot be made to/from repeating fields from outside the repeating page the same way this is done for regular fields, since there will be multiple fields with the same name. For an example of how to perform calculations from outside a repeating section, please see this article.

Layout & Styling

Background Color

The color chosen in the hex code field here will apply to the area behind the Page Title (see above). The Transparent box can also be chosen instead for making this transparent instead of a solid color.

Validation & Behavior


The contents of this field will determine whether the page will be visible to the user. For more detail on visibility rules, please see this article.

Validation Behavior

This dropdown determines when validation rules are checked against the contents of any fields that are either required or feature custom validation.

  • Inline validation (chosen by default) occurs immediately after the user has entered a value into a field.
  • Page Change validation occurs when the user tries to navigate to another Page.
  • End of Form validation allows the user to leave this Page while fields are still invalid, only performing validation checks when the entry is to be uploaded.

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