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Pushing/Pulling Data To/From Other Systems

One of the key features of our platform is the ability to "push" and "pull" data between the platform and other systems and services. This enables you to build apps and functionality that feature live business data. Examples of this can be jobs, clients, products, projects, and contacts. Having access to this data in the field can make all the difference and empowers a dynamic line of business functions. 

There are two key ways that you can integrate with other external systems/services: 

  1. Use one of our built-in Connectors
  2. Create your own integration using our fully featured API

These are essentially "baked-in" integrations that allow you to "push out" and "pull-in" data between our platform and others.

  • Pushing Data

To "push" data that has been captured on the mobile app, you can set up Connectors on form screens. These can do everything from emailing PDFs, updating Google Spreadsheets - all the way through to sending SMS text messages. See the "connectors" page available on every Form screen.

  • Pulling Data

"Pulling" data is achieved by adding a Connector to a data source.  This will mean that your data source is refreshed regularly with changes made on the external system's data rows.  You can connect to a variety of services such as Google Drive, One Drive, GeoOp, and more.

  • Connections  

Depending on the connector you want to use, you may need to set up a Connection first.  The connection setup page is found under the "Your Account" menu on the secure website.  Once on the Connections page, click on the "Add Connection" menu on the right-hand side. You can then choose the desired platform or service that you want to connect to. You may need to go through an authorization process to grant our platform access to your external account.

Integration API
Our integration API is aimed at software developers, so you will need to ensure you have access to such personnel. We also have a small services team that may be able to assist if you do not have such technical staff available. You can find full documentation on our API under the Integration section of our documentation website. The integration API allows you to put together a completely custom integration that does exactly what you want it to do. This opens up many different options that may not be possible using Connectors.

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