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Service Level Agreement (SLA)


A paid subscription to the platform means you also gain access to Technical Support, the knowledge base, and forum. You may contact our support center during regular business hours on our support site, by phone, email, or chat. 

The purpose of Technical Support is to resolve defects that cause a nonconformity in the Subscription Service. A resolution to a defect may consist of a fix, workaround, or other relief, as Forms On Fire deems reasonable. Technical Support does not include performing the following services:

  • implementation services;
  • form/workflow/integration/analytics design services;
  • configuration services;
  • integration services;
  • customization services or other custom software development;
  • training;
  • professional services; or
  • assistance with administrative functions.

Technical Support is not required to provide resolutions for immaterial defects due to modifications of the Subscription Service made by any person other than Forms On Fire or a person acting at Forms On Fire's direction, or defects on any instance of the Subscription Service not in conformance with upgrades or updates. 

Client may get a free login to Forms On Fire's support portal, located at

Business Hours (Pacific Time) and Closed Holidays




Day of the WeekFromTo DateHoliday
Monday5:30 AM PST5:00 PM PST
January 1New Year’s Day
Tuesday5:30 AM PST5:00 PM PST
May 28Memorial Day
Wednesday5:30 AM PST5:00 PM PST
July 4Independence Day
Thursday5:30 AM PST5:00 PM PST
September 3Labor Day
Friday5:30 AM PST5:00 PM PST
November 22Thanksgiving Day

November 23Black Friday

December 24Christmas Eve

December 25Christmas Day

December 31New Year’s Eve

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Policy

Generally our support team will respond to tickets as follows

Priority (1)Respond withinResolve withinOperational Hours

Escalations (2)?

Urgent1-2 Hour4 HoursBusiness Hours


High4 Hours12 HoursBusiness Hours


Medium8 Hours1 Business DayBusiness Hours


Low1 Business Day3 DaysBusiness Hours


A client's obligation with respect to Technical Support are as follows:

  • Client will receive from Forms On Fire communications via email, phone, or through the Support Portal regarding the Subscription Service.
  • Client may appoint no more than 10 contacts to engage Technical Support for questions and technical issues.
  • Client will train all authorized contacts on the use (design, workflow, connectors, etc.) and administration of the Subscription Service.
  • Client will set the priority when opening a ticket using the support site. Tickets created via email arrive in our support center with a Low priority. Form design, workflow design or integration design problems are not generally considered High or Urgent priority. You may be referred to Professional Services group for high or urgent priority form design modifications. In some cases, complicated design assistance will be denied through Technical Support channel and referred either to our professional services organization, where you can pay for design help, or to the forum.

The table below includes our support policy for setting ticket Priority:

Priority LevelClients AffectedDescription
UrgentALL or MANYCritical business impact where ALL or MANY cloud client’s business has significant loss or degradation of services and needs immediate attention. Initial response is within 1-2 hours with continuous effort all day, every day.
HighSINGLE CLIENTCritical business impact where a SINGLE client’s business has significant loss or degradation of services and needs immediate attention.
MediumONE or MULTIPLEModerate business impact where a SINGLE or MULTIPLE client’s business has moderate loss or degradation of services but work can reasonably continue in an impaired manner.
LowONE or MULTIPLEMinimal business impact where a SINGLE or MULTIPLE client’s business has minimal loss or degradation of services and work continues. These are answered in priority of receipt and typically answers are provided as outlined in our SLA.
  • We may also re-classify your ticket priority based on how we understand your ticket. Tickets that may be affecting ALL or MANY clients may be immediately upgraded to Urgent.
  • Most tickets are reviewed by a Level 1 support specialist who is capable of solving approximately 90% of all tickets. Tickets are escalated to Level 2 personnel, whose classification and experience can solve 95% of tickets. Level 3 personnel are assigned to software developers.


Customer Administration Training
Any customer that subscribes to the service or signs up for a free trial of the service, includes a complimentary, 45-minute training session on platform basics and administration. This service is recommended for users that will be managing your account, however it is not required. FOF provides many opportunities for customers to enroll, including, but not limited to the following: phone calls, email marketing, and offers throughout the platform itself.

Private Cloud Solution – Support Response

Individually negotiated.

Premium Support

Premium and on-call technical support agreements, including dedicated phone numbers, can be purchased for an additional support retainer fee outside of regular Business Hours for $225 per hour, 2 hour minimum per month.

Professional Services

Professional services can be purchased by contacting our sales team or by visiting the following online store link:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is covered and what is not covered?
A: Any platform question can be asked of our support center. Problems of a general nature affecting multiple clients that require a fix and/or patch is our and our affiliates' responsibility. Problems of a specific nature related to a design you are implementing will generally be your responsibility.

Q: How can I get training?
A: If you are new to the platform and you have not received any training, please contact our sales department to see how you can qualify for free training. If you have already received a beginner training class, please check out our online store to buy additional training on

Q: I’m learning to design my system. How does support work for me?
A: If you are designing your system for the first time, feel free to ask any question. Often you will be referred to this knowledge base for tips on how to design what you want. For very involved systems design for complicated forms or involving integration or involved workflows, you may be referred to our professional services group for help. While we want to be as helpful as possible, technical support is available to get you “unstuck” during design and not to teach you how to design. The forum is a great place to ask a question from our client base. 

Q: What if my design has been up and running and it stops working?
A: If your system stops working or stops working properly, we will do what we can to help you. If you are in the middle of a design change to your system, we suggest you set up a test environment so that your users are unaffected by the changes until it is thoroughly tested and ready to deploy. In any case, our support personnel will help you to identify the problem and recommend a suitable resolution.

Q: What is the difference between an Urgent, High, Medium and Low priority ticket?
A: Generally, urgent tickets are reserved for a system that is causing a problem for your business operation. If this is related to a change in form design, we may downgrade that to a high priority ticket or refer you to our professional services organization. High priority tickets have a significant impact on your business but your business can operate. Medium priority is often a downgrade from High where your system has improved, and is not yet fully functional, or upgrade from Low if our response is slowing.

Q: What if I need more hands-on help in designing my system?
A: In this case, you will love our Professional Services team. They have experience in designing thousands of systems for clients and can apply their best practices and creative thinking inside the business problem you are trying to solve. Email us at to learn more.

Q: What if I find something wrong with the platform? Who pays to fix it?
A: As long as there is software, there will be bugs. Our developers try to minimize any impact of software defects by thorough testing and in separate environments as the live system. We encourage you to do the same with your form, workflow and integration designs using the platform. Occasionally a problem is discovered by a client, either independently or working with technical support, and where a change in the base software is required to get up and running, repairing these defects are our financial responsibility. Sometimes these changes are a feature enhancement. To the extent these enhancements are on the product roadmap, we may pay for that. It is sometimes possible for a client to partially fund a feature enhancement. We will make you aware of that possibility before any charges are incurred by you.

If you are new to our platform, we will help you as much as possible to learn how to design. There are occasions where we may refer you to our professional services organization for a retainer or other quote. Generally speaking, our technical support team is available to get you unstuck but not to design forms for you or to train you fully on how to use the platform.

Q: What is the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of the system?
A: The RTO is 4 hours, with RPO being 1 hour.

Q: How can I learn more about your security infrastructure?
A: You can visit this page on our main web site to read more about the steps we take to make our system secure. 

Modes of Support

Support Site

As a subscriber, the quickest way to get answers to your questions is most likely to visit our support site and search for an article in the knowledge base. The support site is available at the following link:

Our support system allows you to create your own private login where you can track all communication with our support team.

Email Support

Email support is available at anytime. You may be working on a project with our professional services team. During your project, you may find that emailing your lead consultant may result in a more timely response. However, as your project nears completion, it is a good idea to copy

Telephone Support – USA and International

+1 (425) 214-1920

Chat Support

Chat is available on all company branded sites, including:

Web Site –

Support Site –

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