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Editing Doc Details

Editing an existing file or document is done on a Doc's Edit Doc page.

To access the Edit Doc page of a Doc, navigate to Connected Data > Files & Docs and hover over the Doc you'd like to edit, and click the details link available.

Our system uses a simple versioning and publishing approach to manage your Docs. This means that after creating a new Doc, you need to Publish the Doc to make the Doc eligible for inclusion in a Folder. Remember that Folders are how you distribute your Forms and Docs to your mobile users.

On the Edit Doc page, you can view a published Doc's details that will not be editable until a New Version is created.

  1. Basic Settings
  2. Advanced Options
  3. Status
  4. Linked Folders
  5. Version History
  6. Create New Version
  7. Archive
  • The Publish button will change your Doc to a Published status and will make your Doc available to app users (provided the Doc is already in a Folder if stricter access rules have been applied).
  • The Lock button allows you to lock the Doc for editing only by yourself. All other web users will be able to view the Doc but will not be able to edit the Doc until you Unlock it. This is useful if you want to control the release of a Doc file.
  • The Delete option only shows for Docs that are in Draft status. Once you hit the Publish button, you will notice that the Delete button is replaced by an Archive button. You cannot delete a Doc once it is published; you can only archive it (which removes the Doc from all app users).

Note: New file uploads have a maximum of 75MB).

If you're uploading a large file, Consider the file size since the app will download this file. If you have a lot of large Doc files (over 1 MB), you should ensure that your users' mobile data plans have sufficient data allowances to handle this.

With Docs, you can replace the manuals, specs, and other papers your workers carry in the field. Anytime you want to update a Doc, our publishing process automatically distributes the changes to app users in the field.

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