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Adding a Snowflake Connection

Snowflake’s Data Cloud provides data storage, processing, and analytics solutions that scale impressively.

Our Snowflake Connectors will allow you to push and pull data from a Snowflake database or data lake. So if you’re using the Snowflake platform, you’ll soon enjoy smoother data transfer to and from Forms On Fire. 

Navigate to the Side Menu>Connected Data>Connections to add a Snowflake Connection.

More information on how to add a Connection can be found here, Adding Data Connections.

On the Connections page

  • Click the ADD CONNECTION button on the top right to bring up a list of connections.
  • Click on the Snowflake option.

Use the Snowflake SQL commands below as templates to set up an Integration with your Snowflake Database. These can be copied to your Snowflake platform and updated as needed before being run. 


Create an integration by running the Snowflake integration commands within Snowflake. Copy the command by clicking on the "COPY SQL" button

Once the integration has been created, use the Authentication commands to generate the required codes for your connection authentication.

You need to configure your Account Identifier, Client id, Client Secret and Callback URL.

  1.  Your account identifier can be obtained by looking at the browser URL in Snowflake as seen in the screenshot below. Here is an example of your account identifier where xxxxxx is the identifier and refers to the location where your Snowflake account is hosted.
    Copy Authentication commands by clicking on the "COPY SQL" button and running the copied command within Snowflake. Once the command has run, it'll give you the Client Id and Client Secret. 

    Once you have run the Authentication Command, you'll find the Client Id and Client Secret in the response. You'll then be able to configure:
  2. The Client Id 
  3. The Client Secret
  4. The Callback URL

Next, click on the "SAVE" button on the top right-hand side of the page. Once the page has refreshed, you'll need to click on the "Authorize" button and sign into the Snowflake account with a SYSADMIN userYour connection will then be verified automatically -  you'll see a message indicating that you are now connected on the right-hand side.

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