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Custom Icons

We provide icon customization areas that allow you to choose from a few built-in icon sets as well as the ability to replace icons with your own custom images.

All custom icons replacement images MUST be 192 x 192 pixels in dimension and must be PNG file type

Changes can be made by navigating to Admin > Apps Setup:

On the App Setup page, click "customize icons" beneath the page title:

Icon Sets & Styling

Customize the icons seen on the app and available for use when building Screens in the platform. Choose an icon set and then exclude or replace default icons with your own images as desired.

Screen Icons

These icons are available for use in Screens and Docs that you create in the platform. Icons that you do not wish to make available for use can be disabled by unticking the box next to the relevant icon.

To replace an icon with your own custom image, simply click on the image and choose the desired image file.

Annotation Icons

These icons are used in the app for annotating captured photos and other images/drawings. If you have industry or company images, stickers or logos that you wish to make available as annotations, simply replace an existing icon by clicking on it below.

System Icons

These icons are used internally within the app for built-in functionality such as Form navigation. You can replace System icons with your own custom images by simply clicking on the image and choosing the desired image file to upload.

You should provide replacement images that have similar meanings to the originals to avoid user confusion in the app.

Creating Icon Boards for Custom Navigation

We’ve also added support for displaying small circular “badges” next to icons on the app start screen as well as on Icon Board screen types that indicate a saved and uncompleted form. 

These badges would generally be used to display a number as one would typically see in iOS apps.

The Icon Board screen can also be customized as follows:

  • Icons can be colored
  • Icons can be hidden via a Visibility formula
  • Icons can display badges (which have their own Visibility and other customization options)
  • “Automatically Generate Icons” option allows you to specify that the app should generate the icons based on what the user has access to. This makes it easy to provide your own custom start screen with dynamic icons.

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