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What devices / operating systems are supported?


Native apps are available for Android, iOS and Windows devices. Refer to the details below to see the minimum supported version for each of these operating systems.

Aside from operating system version, another key factor is the age of the device. Simply put, the older the device, the less likely it will be compatible with a recent enough operating system version or have sufficient processing power and memory to run the app. We do not provide official support for devices manufactured more than 3 years ago. It's possible that an older device might run the app initially, but it is highly likely that an app version update will cause issues in the future.

The final aspect of our compatibility support is device processing power and onboard memory. As a rule of thumb, devices costing less than USD 200 generally have slow processors, poor-quality GPS chips (if any) and limited amounts of memory. An under-powered device can suffer regular app crashes and slow performance of the app due to its insufficient hardware. We do not provide support for devices that are clearly not powerful enough to run our app.

Should our app have problems running on your device, please contact our support team. We will attempt to resolve compatibility issues with your device where possible.

Android Version Support

We aim to support Android operating system versions at least 4 years backwards from Google's initial release date. See this list of Android versions and release dates to compare against your target device's Android version.

Android versions are unevenly adopted by manufacturers, so we also provide the following guideline for planned minimum version support:

  • As of March 2021
    Minimum version: Android 6.0.1

Depending on your device and feature requirement, our apps are known to run successfully on Android versions older than this official support window. In early 2021, we saw a few customers still running on Android 5.1 (which was released in April 2015), however this may not still be the case.

We attempt to provide maximum backwards compatibility as far as possible when we develop Android app changes. However, this consideration is a best-effort approach, NOT a guarantee. Our Android development decisions are ultimately driven by the official support window above. As such, when considering a device purchase, you should always aim for devices running the highest Android version possible.

Android Device Support

A minimum of 3GB device RAM. Eligible devices must have the Google Play Store installed, and the app should be installed via the Play Store to ensure access to updates.

While you can choose to "side-load" the Android app on most Android devices, we require Google Play Services to be present on the device.

Our apps have been confirmed as working on many different device models and manufacturers. Officially though, our internal tests are focused on compatibility with key manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Asus, Sony, Nokia, and Motorola.

Due to manufacturer-specific Android modifications and general fragmentation of the Android ecosystem, we cannot guarantee that your app will run on every Android device. 

Before any large/bulk device purchase, we recommend thoroughly testing the app on the target device to ensure compatibility.

We address device-specific issues as these are reported to our support team and aim to fix reported compatibility issues whenever possible.

iOS Support

We officially support Apple iPhones and iPads running a maximum of one major iOS version backwards from the latest public release. So if the latest iOS version is iOS 16, then we would support devices running iOS 16 and iOS 15. It is possible that devices on older iOS versions might run the app, but these scenarios are not officially supported and the devices in question should be upgraded.

Note that Apple releases new major versions of iOS every year around September; hence, our backwards compatibility support follows the same annual cadence.

Device Support

We support Apple iPhones and iPads running a maximum of one major iOS version backward from the latest public release. 
iPhone and iPad apps in the App Store are automatically available in the Mac App Store for the new M1/M2 Macs. The same frameworks the apps use are available and tuned for MacOS.

We don't officially support MacOS, however, it's not uncommon to run iOS app natively on MacOS

Windows Support

We officially support Windows 7 SP1, 8 and 10 on PCs and tablets that run Intel or AMD x86 processors. This covers Microsoft's Surface Pro and equivalent mobile devices, as well as regular desktop computers.

We also require .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher. Not sure if you have this? Follow this guide to learn how to check and install the latest .NET Framework version

GPS/location functionality is provided using Windows Location services, which must be enabled in order the app to access these services. See our FAQ article titled "Enabling Location/GPS on Windows devices" for full details. If GPS accuracy is important to your needs, then we strongly recommend using Windows devices with onboard GPS chips to receive accurate location regardless of network connectivity. Windows 10 devices are also best in terms of ensuring compatibility. For devices without an onboard GPS chip, Windows will use network information such as IP addresses to determine an approximate user location (usually only accurate to around 25 kilometers). Note that the GPS chip on a tethered/hot-spot phone is NOT used since the chip is in a completely separate device. Similarly, an externally-attached GPS receiver is not guaranteed to work, since there could be any number of Windows compatibility or driver issues involved beyond our control. Hence, our advice on using devices with integrated/onboard GPS if location accuracy is required.

Enterprise Windows Deployment (SOE) and Terminal Servers (e.g., Citrix)

Our Windows app's default download is an EXE-Type file designed to be installed on individual Windows PC's. This is a simple, safe way for users to self-install the Windows app. 

Should your organization have a centralized Standard Operating Environment (SOE) deployment approach to Windows applications, we recommend you utilize our MSI distribution of the Windows app instead. 

The MSI file can be downloaded by adding a "?msi=true" to the end of your default windows app download link eg.,

Provide this MSI to your IT team to incorporate into their enterprise deployment packages. 

Similarly, you will need the MSI distribution if you wish to run the Windows app on a Windows Terminal Server - e.g., through a Citrix deployment. 

Your IT team should be able to include the MSI as part of their WTS/Citrix installation configurations. 


QDoes the Forms On Fire app automatically update?

A: Yes, all versions and operating systems update automatically. For iOS and Android, you must have automatic updates turned on. You may change the settings on and Android or iOS device by going into your settings and selecting "Auto-update."

The Windows version of Forms On Fire indeed updates automatically. However, the app may not automatically update if:
1. Your company network prevents it, or
2. You change the files or shortcut the we install, or
3. You create your own shortcut that bypasses the "check for new version" capability built in.

QHow do I get past the "Windows protected your PC" screen when installing the Windows app?

A: To bypass this screen, you'll want to first click "More info" and then "Run anyway." This will allow the app to install on Windows. See the images below for illustration.

QCan I install the app via a Restore from Backup?

A: In short, no. Our app must always be installed via a fresh installation to work properly due to security designs. Any locally-saved drafts on an app installed via Restore from Backup will not open, and other problems may occur, as well. Please be sure to uninstall the app and reinstall from scratch if you should ever restore your device from a backup with our app included in the restore package.

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