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Adding an Amazon S3 Connection

In order to push/pull data from your Amazon S3 storage buckets, you must first configure an S3 Connection in our web portal. Go to the Connected Data -> Connections page and click the Add button. Choose the Amazon S3 option to add a new blank S3 connection.

You now need to specify the credentials of an AWS user account which has access to your target S3 buckets. If you are unsure of how to generate/download these access credentials for AWS, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the IAM console at

  2. Create a new user with permissions limited to the services and actions that you want our Connectors to have access to. For more information about creating a new IAM user, see Creating IAM Users (Console), and follow the instructions through to step 8.

  3. Choose Download .csv to save a local copy of your AWS credentials. You can then open this file to view the Access Key and Secret Key required by our AWS Connection.


Currently our S3 Form Connector creates files in the target S3 bucket with the access permission of "Public Read/Write", which means the file is accessible to anyone with the file's URL. This generally means that your S3 bucket must have a similar public access permission to allow these files to be created.

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