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Replacing / Emulating Default App Screens

The apps you build will have a set of standard / default Screens included by default. These include:

  • Settings screen (for changing password, forcing sync, logging out)
  • Saved Entries screen (list of in-progress/saved Form entries)
  • Tasks screens (list of Tasks, Task details etc)

You can replace these Screens in part or full by using a combination of our Listing/Mapping screen types along with one of the built-in "App Data Sources" we provide. For more on these built-in Data Sources, see our Data Sources section.

Building Your Own "Saved Entries" Screen
Let's say you have an existing Listing screen which allows a user to launch into a pre-filled Form entry when they tap on a row in the list. While that will work fine, if they save in-progress entries then they will need a way to get back to that list of saved Form entries. So you'll need to link them to another Screen which displays this listing.

  1. Add a separate Listing Screen that shows the list of saved entries. 
    This new Screen will be launched from your existing Listing screen, say via a button you add to the title bar. 
  2. The new Listing screen will need to:
  • Be linked to the built-in app Data Source named "App: Entry Drafts." Every account includes this special built-in Data Source (plus some others).
  • Have an Interaction set on the rows as follows:
    • Type: Open Entry
    • Parameter: {{this[0]}}
  • Note that you can also filter the Data Source if you want to only show entries for Forms of a certain type. If you go to the Rows page of the App: Entry Drafts data source, you'll see the columns available to use in filtering.

This way, the new Listing screen will show all saved/in-progress entries as rows in the Listing screen. When the user taps on a row, the app will open the chosen entry using the entry's unique identifier (column 0). 

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