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How many photos or videos can I upload at one time?

The platform is very robust and since the app is native for iOS, Android and Windows, it can handle many photos and videos. However, there are limitations on all of these platforms and you must test your app thoroughly for the most edge use case before sending things into the field. 

For example, a couple hundred photos or a few (2 to 3) videos is not difficult for the app. However, depending upon your form design, and how users are expected to use your specific form design, you may run into trouble. And so, we ask to please test those outer edge use cases. 

As another example, say your form allows unlimited videos but typically a user only takes 2 to 3 videos. That could be fine, but if they capture 100 forms with 2 to 3 videos in an offline mode, you must test this scenario because otherwise things can get stuck on a device. Our support infrastructure has no way to fix a system after the fact and in the middle of a field scenario where a user is trying to upload a massive amount of data. 

Another example might be a form that allows unlimited inspection points and photos with it. If a typical inspection captures 200 photos, you might find that to be easily managed with some patience on the part of an inspector and a solid WiFi connection. However, there may come a point where a form simply has too many photos and will not upload. We urge you to test these edge cases for suitability with our platform. We cannot be responsible for forms and/or photos or videos that remain stuck on a device because of improper use and testing.

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