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Dropbox Changes 2021

Dropbox has made changes to their authorization process.
We have already built support for these changes into the platform, but there is a manual step that is required by an administrator of your account.
This needs to be done before October 2021 otherwise your Dropbox connectors will stop working.

Steps required:

  • Head over to the Platform's Connections page, find your Dropbox connection(s) and click on the “Change” button.

  • This will display a new popup window where you can change your authorization settings for Dropbox.
    You may have to first sign in to your Dropbox account before you can see it.

  • In this window, scroll down to “View Dropbox content”, and then to the “Forms On Fire” app.
    Click on the arrow to open up the section revealing a “Disconnect” button.
    Click on this button.
  • A popup will ask you to confirm, click on “Disconnect” again.
    You can now close the window.

  • The Connections page will automatically refresh, and when reloaded, show that the Dropbox connection is not working. 
  • You can click on “Authorize” like normal to reauthorize the connection.
  • Grant "Forms On Fire" access.

  • Once you have completed the authorization flow, the connector will be working again.

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