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GET Formentry (File)



The GET Formentry (File) API allows you to download a media file captured on a given Form Entry.

On the Cloud, this API is available via SSL-secured HTTPS connection using the REST GET verb.
The format query string parameter controls the desired response format.  Specify either XML or JSON.



The GET verb lets you find all form entries matching the given parameters.
The required and optional parameters for a GET call to the Screen API are outlined below.

CompanyIdIntegerYour unique Company ID is found on the Organization Setup page of the secure website.
IntegrationKeyStringYour unique Integration Key is found on the Organization Setup page of the secure website.
EntryIdStringThe unique identifier of the entry to which the requested file belongs.
FilenameStringThe name of the file to retrieve, as specified in the entry answer.


Given that the API is REST-based, you can access the API directly via your web browser to test it using a REST plugin like the Postman plugin for Google Chrome.

Request URL

Response Body

The requested media file is returned.

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