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Users - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to permanently block a user’s device from accessing our system or block someone's IP?
A: We don't provide any means of blocking specific device IPs, mainly because this is usually not practical. For example, if the user is on a mobile network, their IP tends to change frequently and get reassigned by the network provider. Additionally, we identify devices using a unique number generated by the app install and, in some cases, this is not consistent when the app is uninstalled and reinstalled (particularly on Android).

As such, our best advice is to deactivate the user (via the Edit User page in the web portal). This will prevent that user from accessing the system from any device. While we understand that the user might gain access via someone else's account, this is something that should be addressed with your users in terms of educating them not to share their login/passwords with others.

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