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IMPORTANT NOTE: Changing a user's password will result on all locally-saved drafts on that user's devices being lost. These drafts cannot be recovered once the password is reset! This is by design, intended for data security.

There are three options for resetting a forgotten password. These include:

  1. Self-service online. A user can reset their password by visiting the following link and entering their email address: 
  2. Self-service in-app. A user can click the "Forgot your password?" button on the app login page. Note that this option will not work for users belonging to organizations that have Single Sign-On (SSO) active.
  3. Administration. An administrator can manually send a password reset email to the user, who can then follow the instructions to reset their password. The "Reset Password" button can be found by navigating to Organization & Users > Users & Groups and selecting "edit user" beneath the user's last name.

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