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Adding a New Data Source


Data Sources let you create and maintain data sets for use on Screens, saving you time by centralizing your data sets in one place.

Add a Data Source

When logged into the web portal:

  • Navigate the left-side menu to Connected Data > Data Sources
  • Once on the Data Sources Page, click the "Add New" button in the top right corner.

The page will reload on the Create Data Source page, where Basic Settings and Advanced Options can be configured.

  1. Enter a name for the Data Source. This name will show in the various Screen designers, so you should try to be descriptive so you can easily identify one Data Source from another.
  2. External Id is an optional field that you can use to store an identifier from your existing systems. This gives you a simple way to link Data Sources to your existing system data sets. 
  3. Hit the Create button to continue onto the Rows screen. 

Further Information

Finally, you will need to populate your data source for use in screens. This can be achieved in one of three ways:

  1. Manual cell data entry by adding rows/columns.
  2. Import an Excel/CSV file to create and populate row/column data.
  3. Pull data into the platform from an external system using a Data Source Connector (configurable on the data source's Settings page).

Importing requires an Excel (.XLSX) or Comma Separated Values (.CSV) file, which MUST be in the required format.

  • The first row of your file is assumed to be the data source headers, and the rest are just rows.
  • The file must contain at least one row (excluding the header row) and two columns.
  • The first column in all rows must be populated with unique values.

NOTE: When importing, a cloned copy of the overwritten data source is moved to Trash that can be used to restore the data source, in case of any import mishaps.

A template of the required format can be obtained by clicking the "Import" button and the download link provded before importing a file.

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