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Dynamic Titles and Hints

Sometimes you may want your field's Title or Hint text to dynamically include a value from a previous field. This is useful in cases where the answer to one question sets the context for the fields that follow.

For example, say you have a Choices field that asks "What is the type of Incident?" Depending on what the user selects, we want to include the incident type in the Title Text of the fields that come next. The Text Builder function - found on the Title Text and Hint Text field properties - comes in handy for these situations.

Let's assume we have a field: "What is the type of Incident?" - a Choices field with Data Name incidentType, having the answer options: Spill, Injury, Equipment.

  1. We add a new Text field to the Form, with Data Name of incidentDescription.
  2. On this new field, find the Title Text property. If you hover your mouse over the property, or click into the property, you will see a hammer icon appear. Click the hammer icon.
  3. You are now in the Text Builder. This lets you build up a dynamic text value for display in the Title Text property. Note that you have a drop-down of all available fields that will insert the selected field into your formula. Enter the following: Please describe the {{incidentType}}
  4. Click the Apply button to set this into your field.

We now have a dynamic Title that will dynamically display the type of incident selected. (For example, if the user selects "Injury" in the incidentType field, then the description field Title will be "Please describe the Injury.")

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