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Downloading Old Form Submissions in Bulk

Any data submitted, old or new, can be downloaded from the web dashboard in a compressed file containing each desired submission in either PDF or Word format based on any output template associated with the file - even a template added after the form was originally submitted.

In order to select the forms to be downloaded in the output template, visit Data Entries > Table View in the left-hand navigation pane.

From here, select the desired form from the drop-down menu above. Also, if desired, select the date range from the Date Filter on the right. This will populate all submissions of this form during the specified time period, listed in the main content area by date and time. From these submissions, check the checkboxes for the ones you wish to download.

Once all the desired form submissions are selected, click the Manage data button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

This will display the Manage Selected Data window (see image below). From here, under either the Bulk PDF or Bulk MS Word section (depending on your preference), select the name of the desired output template from the drop-down beneath “Export As.” Then click the “Download” link in the upper-right corner of the section.

The resulting downloaded file will contain all the selected data submissions, output onto the format of the template chosen above. This can be performed as many times as desired with any template attached to the form.

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