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Editing Form Entries

Occasionally you may have situations where Form entry data is incorrectly captured by an app user and thus needs to be updated. This is possible to do via the secure website after a Form entry has been uploaded.

Only users able to access the web dashboard and with the Edit Data Entries permission granted on their respective Edit User pages of the dashboard can perform entry editing. Once granted permission, users will see an edit link on the View Entry page. View Entry is accessed via the Data Entries area -> select the target Form -> roll over entry row -> click view entry.

Please note that this method is not recommended for revising data on a regular basis and presents significant risk to workflows if used on form entries that use process steps. If users receive a task that has had data edited on the back end, and the user has not synced with the server, then the data they submit can overwrite the edits that the other user has made on the back end via the dashboard. Any dependent fields that are edited can also potentially break the workflow, especially if they determine the recipient of the task. 

For these and other reasons, we recommend that users who wish to allow for data to be edited before a final form submission instead use the workflow itself to send the data to another party to review - or even themselves. For the latter option, please see our Infinite Loop "Save to Cloud" workflow article for more information.

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