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Nesting Repeatable Data - Nested Repeating Tables

Capturing repeatable data using a repeating Table field is amazing, However, sometimes, you need to group data within other data, like putting a smaller box inside a bigger box.

In the app builder, you can do this by nesting one Table Field inside another Table Field,  and our drag and drop feature makes doing this extremely easy. 

Use Cases

Imagine you are manager a building with may apartments, each with it's own rooms, or fixing equipment that has many parts, each with it's own sub-parts.

For any task needing repeating data that also needs a set of repeating data within it, you can use the nesting technique. 

When in the form designer, add a Table field (parent) and populate it with additional fields, Then drag and drop another Table field (child) into the parent table, and populate with additional fields. 

Custom Outputs

Besides our pre-built outputs (Classic Grey, App Layout and Smart Layout) you can also customize your own templates to populate the data from Nested tables. 

The standard repeat syntax can be used in custom Word or Excel templates to display repeatable and non-repeatable captured data legibly.




The following example demonstrates a custom Word template using repeat row syntax for parent and child repeats and non-repeatable captured data in a few configurations.

It isn't necessary to have double "REPEATSTART" or nested "REPEATROW" tags anywhere in your template to output data from your parent and nested child repeats.

The custom PDF output will look like this...


Nested repeats support the following:

  • Maximum of 2 levels (parent repeat > child repeat).
  • Configuration of a Table field (child) within another table (parent) ONLY.
  • The child table doesn't support Populate from a Data Source.

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