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Q: I have received the following error: "START and END must be at the same level in your template." What does this mean?
A: In the repeating data or logic in your output template, there is an error occurring because there is an uneven amount of {{!REPEATSTART}} / {{!REPEATEND}} or {{!HIDEIFSTART}} / {{!HIDEIFEND}} placeholders.

Q: How can I show a satellite or hybrid map view on my template? All that I see on the output is the standard map view.
A: The satellite and hybrid maps visible on the app cannot be output onto templates, unfortunately. There are, however, a few options you may consider for a different map image than the standard map:

  • Take a screenshot of the satellite image as seen in the app and then add it to a media field. The contents of this media field could then be featured on the output.
  • Use a static maps API service to download a map image for a location specified in a location field. Information about this can be found in this article.

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