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DELETE Task (Search)



This request method allows you to delete tasks based on a list of specified Task IDs. On the Cloud, this API is available via SSL-secured HTTPS connection using the REST DELETE verb. The format query string parameter controls the desired response format. Specify either XML or JSON.


You may use either JSON or XML formats in your DELETE request. You indicate this by setting the ContentType HTTP header as "application/json" or "application/xml". If no ContentType is specified, XML format is assumed.

XML formatted requests must specify the following XML namespace in the data source root element:


The DELETE(Search) verb allows you to delete various tasks based on a list of specified Task Ids. The required and optional parameters for a DELETE(Search) call to the Task API are outlined below.

TaskIdsStringA comma-separated list of string values containing Task Ids to Delete. (Up to a max of 100 per request)
CompanyIdIntegerYour unique Company Id is found on the Organisation Setup page of the secure website.
IntegrationKeyStringYour unique Integration Key is found on the Organisation Setup page of the secure website.
PurgeDaysIntegerThe number of days the tasks will be stored in the trash before being permanently deleted (Enter between 1 and 30). The default value, if left blank, is 30 days.


Given that the API is REST-based, you can access the API directly via your web browser to test or by using Postman API Platform.

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