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Why aren't my emails being received by my users?

When you create an email connector, keep in mind that any email being sent must come FROM someone. For Forms On Fire, that FROM comes from the email provider, SendGrid. SendGrid is an email backbone that powers many different systems that send on behalf of those cloud systems, and Forms On Fire is no different. 

You must first understand there are three different ways to set up where the FROM address is used on the platform. There is a priority that the platform utilizes as follows:

1. If you place a specific email address in the "From / Sender" email box, this will be the FROM sender. 

2. If you leave the "From / Sender" blank, and click the box for "Use Default Sender Email and Name, this will be that which is used.

3. If you do not do either of the above, the sender email address will be the email address of the user who has submitted the form to the platform.

If you are a company utilizing the platform and you want your FROM to be an email address coming from your own domain, you MUST put in an SPF record for your domain for SendGrid. Please follow the instructions located here for creating such an SPF record:

If you have not associated an SPF record with your domain and are expecting to have emails come FROM your domain, your emails may arrive OK for a time, but they will eventually discontinue working. Why? Because other email systems will see that the email is coming from SendGrid but you have not "white listed" the SendGrid email platform for your domain. So emails will look like SPOOF or SPAM.

If you are expecting emails to come FROM generic email systems such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc., this will not work and will usually always fail. In those circumstances, you must either use your own domain email and utilize the SPF record for SendGrid, or you may use the Forms On Fire default email called

If you are still struggling with this, please email our support center for a consultation with a support specialist.

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