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Excel Online Connector

The Excel Online form connector allows for form-captured data to be pushed as rows into an Excel worksheet, similar to how our Google Spreadsheet form connector functions.

Note: Requires a successfully authenticated MS Graph Connection.

Adding an Excel Online Connector

On the Connectors page of a Data Entry Form is where you'll be able to add Form Connectors that trigger when a form is uploaded and push data out of the platform to desired systems. 

To get to the Connector Page, from the Screens page click on the Connector icon.

You can also get to the Connectors Page while on any of your Forms by clicking on Connectors from the top right menu.

To add an Excel Online connector, when on a form's connector page, click the "Add Connector" option (top-right) to display a list of available connectors and select the Excel Online option. 

After Selecting the Excel Online Option, the page will refresh with your newly added connector ready to configure. 

[Keep in mind to use an Excel online connector an MS Graph Connection is necessary.]

After configuring the connector, click "Save" (top-right) to enable the connector. Once the users devices have synced, the form that has the connector will start pushing data out to your Excel Online file. 

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