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Repeatedly Scanning Barcodes / QR Codes

Depending on your scenario, you may want to create a list of barcodes that are scanned by the user through a Form. One way you can do this is to have a very simple Form design that contains just a single barcode field along with a Data Source field. The Data Source field would link an existing Data Source into which your barcode scans are collected.

The user would then capture a separate Form entry for each barcode, uploading each in turn and thereby creating a new row each time in the linked Data Source. See our recipe article on "Creating/Updating Rows in a Data Source" for details on how to bind your Barcode field to a Data Source column.

Another faster way is to use a repeating Page to continuously capture all barcodes until the user is ready to upload all as part on one Form entry. This requires that you use a combination of features in our platform as follows:

  1. In your Form design, add a Page which is set to be Repeating.
  2. Add a Barcode field into the repeating Page.
  3. Click on the Barcode field you just added and, in the properties list on the right, find the "On Scan Action."
  4. Choose "Jump to Form Location" from the Scan Action list
  5. In the Target drop-down that displays below, choose "Add New Repeat/Row" from the list.

This way, every time a bar code is scanned, the app will store that barcode in the Barcode field and also automatically create and move the Form display to a new repeat of the Page, ready for the next scan.

To save even more time for the user, try enabling the "Show Inline" option found on the Barcode field in the Form designer. This will display a live camera preview which will scan barcodes without the user needing to press the "Capture Barcode" button each time.

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