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GET Task (Search)


Additional Info

This request method allows you to find all tasks matching the given criteria.  On the Cloud, this API is available via SSL-secured HTTPS connection using the REST GET verb. The format query string parameter controls the desired response format. Specify either XML or JSON.


All XML formatted requests must specify the following XML namespace in the data source root element:


The GET verb allows you to find all tasks matching the given criteria. The required and optional parameters for a GET(Search) call to the Task API are outlined below.

CompanyIdIntegerYour unique Company Id is found on the Organisation Setup page of the secure website.
IntegrationKeyStringYour unique Integration Key is found on the Organisation Setup page of the secure website.    
UserEmailStringUser email to find Tasks for.
UserExternalIdStringUser external ID to find Tasks for.
StatusStringFind Tasks in the given status. Defaults to retrieve all if not specified.

Find Tasks created from the given Task Template identifier.

FromDateDateFind Tasks updated on or since the given UTC date/time in ISO-8601 format.
ToDateDateFind Tasks updated up to and including the given UTC date/time in ISO-8601 format.
NameStringFind Tasks with names that contain the provided text.
RetrieveEntriesBooleanInclude form entries on 'Fill Out Form' activities if any exist

Media field answers are returned as full file download URLs when including form entries instead of just the file name. True by default.


Specify which format to use for answers when retrieving entries is true.


Optionally restrict returned Form entry answer values to the given comma-separated list of field data names.


PageNoIntegerThe page number from which to start reading results (0 based).
PageSizeIntegerThe page size (number of rows) to return. The maximum allowable value is 250.


Given that the API is REST-based, you can access the API directly via your web browser to test or by using Postman API Platform.

Request URL

Request Body

  "Tasks": [
      "UserEmail": "",
      "UserExternalId": "test_user_extid",
      "Name": "Test task",
      "Icon": "Flag",
      "Status": "InProgress",
      "CompleteBy": "2021-04-02T22:27:00.0000000Z",
      "StartBy": "2021-04-02T21:27:00.0000000Z",
      "IsAllDay": false,
      "CompleteAtText": "",
      "AdditionalInfo": "This is a test.",
      "DisableNotes": false,
      "UserCanReject": false,
      "RestrictToGroup": "00000000000000000000000000000000",
      "UserCanReassign": false,
      "ReassignType": "Any",
      "Activities": [
          "ActivityType": "FillOutForm",
          "ActivityType": "FillOutForm",
          "Instruction": "Please make sure you bring the keys back.",
          "ActivityType": "Instruction",
      "Files": [],
      "History": [
          "EventDate": "2021-04-01T14:28:00.7670000Z",
          "Status": "Draft"
          "EventDate": "2021-04-01T14:28:31.4800000Z",
          "Status": "Sent"
          "EventDate": "2021-04-01T14:28:49.1230000Z",
          "Status": "InProgress"
      "StartTime": "2021-04-01T14:28:48.5400000Z",
      "CompleteTime": "1990-01-01T00:00:01.0000000Z",
      "CompanyId": 6XXXX

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