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How does your user licensing work?

We license on a per-user (i.e., each individual person) basis by default. This model means that we are suitable for "worker-facing" apps, not for consumer apps aimed at the general public.

Only in certain circumstances do we allow generic/shared user accounts, such as if a device is confined to a specific location or vehicle at all times. For these cases, a Premium user can be assigned to each device and the name of the device user should reflect the location of the device. This option is only permitted in the following situations:

  • A device that remains on site (or in a vehicle) and is carried by only one user per shift. Such a device can then be handed over to the next worker at shift change.
  • A kiosk-style fixed installation of a device that is utilized by users as they pass by - i.e., the device is not carried around by multiple users.

For these exceptional cases, you need to contact us to gain approval first. Assuming we approve your scenario for the above exceptional case, we will actively monitor for abuse of our concession. Any non-compliance will be raised with you, and ongoing failures to rectify your user license assignments will result in account suspension.

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