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How do I Install the Windows App in a Custom Location

A customized Windows installed is available on request. This is usually necessary when an installation at machine level is required, instead of per user account on the machine.

The main differences between the custom installer and the default installer are as follows:

  • This installer accepts an installation path when running the .exe
  • Automatic app updates are disabled
  • A shortcut is created on the public desktop of the machine, which will place a shortcut on all user desktops

The installer will need to be run with a single argument defining the installation path, and the default installation location is the main drive of the machine.

Using command line with the 'InstallDir' argument will look something like this:

Note: The installer will need to be run as admin, or it may fail with a setup error message.

To update existing installations, simply download the latest installer and run it again, making sure to point it to the same installation directory where the app is currently installed by using the 'InstallDir' argument.

Please contact Support if this installer option is needed.

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