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Why doesn't the app work on my older Android device (v5 and lower)?

Some older Android devices are not able to securely connect to our platform. This happens when the device does not have newer SSL root certificates installed by default. Users using such devices will not be able to log in to the app until they download and install the required certificates on their device.

To resolve this issue, users should follow the below steps on the affected device:

  1. Download the following two root certificates from & respectively
  2. Open the Downloads folder using the device's Files app and then tap on the 1199354.crt file that has been downloaded
  3. A prompt will appear to install the certificate
  4. Give the certificate a name if requested to do so (any name will do)
  5. Tap OK to finish installing the certificate
  6. Repeat the steps above for the 4860286.crt file and done! You should now be able to log into and use the app

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