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Change or Update User Licenses & Billing History

To add, remove or change the number of User Licenses for your account, please reach out to Forms On Fire Support.

Forms on Fire requires the Authorized Billing Contact from your Organization to e-mail

to detail what changes are needed, number and type of license (Premium or Standard) and effective date. 

Once Forms on Fire has made the requested changes to your licenses, you will be able to assign those licenses to users in the Platform.

Viewing Licenses from the Platform

From the left side menu of the platform chose Admin and the Manage Subscription.

Then you will enter your email address and click Next. You will be sent a one time password to your email, enter the code in the space and click Login. 

Once you login, you will see the current subscriptions for your account. You will not be able to modify these yourself.


Viewing Licenses from the Forms On Fire website

Navigate to and click on My Account from the top menu, then click on Billing Account to review the history for your email address. 

How to View Billing History

Billing History can be viewed by going to Admin > Manage Subscription, and after signing in, then select Billing History. This will show you all previous billing history for the associated account.


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