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Data Field


The data field selects the matching row from a filtered Data Source based on the dynamic filters specified, invisible to the user. This data can be referenced throughout the form and/or modified based on user input on data fields bound to it.

Basic Properties

Data Name

This is the name of the field that should be referenced in any form logic or API calls. Users will not see this name on the form.

Data names cannot contain spaces or any special characters other than an underscore and must begin with a letter. They are case-sensitive and must be referred to precisely whenever they are referenced.

Data Source

The data source to be used in this field must be selected in this drop-down.

Filter Rows

This allows you to dynamically control the rows to be displayed in the choices field using fixed criteria or a formula.

  • Formula
    Click "use formula" and enter a formula into the resulting field to define a formula for filtering content from the data source. Click the hammer icon in the upper-right of the field to enter the formula builder.

    For syntax, refer to rows via {{this[column]}} -- e.g., {{this[2]}} > {{myfield}} shows rows where the 3rd column is greater than the value in "myfield."

    To filter previous answers out of a repeated Choices field's options, use a formula of:
    NOTIN({{this[0]}}, PRIOR('choicesfield'))

  • Criteria
    Click "use criteria" to choose one or more fields within the form that will be used to filter content from the data source. More criteria can be added by subsequently clicking "add criterion."

    The "in list" operators match columns against comma- or pipe-delimited values, while the "expression" filter matches columns against a regular expression value. More information about regular expressions ("RegEx") can be found here.

Allow Form Fields to Modify Data Source

This option allows for data source rows to be created/edited. Modification will be done for each value brought into the form via other form fields that have a data source column linked via their respective "Bind to Data Source Column" properties. For a detailed recipe on how to use this functionality, please refer to this article.

If you check Create/Update or Delete Row, please head over to this data source and ensure you have added a row with the first column value set to 0. This "dummy row" will be used by the app to create new rows. Also ensure you have checked the Is Unique column in the column's Advanced Settings so that Updates or Deletes to this data source are only performed against unique rows.


This will serve as the description of the hidden field for visual aid in the design window. It will not be seen by the end user since the field itself is invisible to the user on the form.

Validation & Behavior

Dynamic Value

This property is used to define a calculation/formula that will populate the field's value. Often this is used in conjunction with the "Read Only" property (see below) so that the field will calculate and display to the user without the possibility of manual edits. This article is recommended as a starting point for more reading on this.

Advanced Options

Default Value

The value entered in this property serves as the initial value of the field prior to manual input/selection. Please see this article for details on the relationship between Default Value and Dynamic Value.

Exclude from Export/Display

By default, every field is displayed on Form entries in the Data area, and is included in non-templated exports (e.g., generic pdf, CSV, spreadsheet, database connectors). Use this property to prevent this field from showing on all such display and exports.

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