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Forms FAQ

Can I set Choices fields to automatically select an option?
Yes, our Forms engine will auto-select a row on Choices fields provided the following conditions are met:

  • The Choices field is linked to a Data Source
  • The Choices field has Data Source filters defined
  • There is a single result/row in the Choices field

If you don't want this auto-select behavior to occur, then you need to either use Static options on your Choices field or do not filter the Data Source rows on it.

How can I change the order of Pages in my Form design/How can I move a field from one page to another?

  • Click the Continuous View link on the right-hand side of the designer to switch the design into a view that shows all pages continuously. Now click and drag the topmost Page that you wish to reorder and drop it into the desired position below the other target Pages. Once the Page order is as desired, click the Paged View link on the designer to switch back to the default per Page view of your design.


  • Export your design to Excel via the Export button on the designer. In the Excel file, change the order of your Pages by cutting/pasting the Page and all its fields into the desired position. Save your changes to the Excel file and use the Import button in the designer to import your new design.

How do I make a table required? 
You can, of course, make the fields within a table required and then change the validation of the table field to be inline. However, this requires the user to actually click into the table and start creating a new row. Since there is no direct way to require the table itself, we have a workaround that tricks the form with a text box. The steps are below: 

  1. Set up the text control below the table, with a message (whatever you want it to say), and make that field required and read only. 
  2. Create a hidden field that count rows in the table. 
  3. Add a visibility rule to the text box, so that it only appears if the row count is 0.
  4. You should also check the setting on page the page to verify inline requirements (as opposed to at the end of the form). This way, the user cannot navigate outside of the page unless there has been information entered into the table. 

How do I update a Data Source with multiple rows from a repeating table?
If you need a data source to be updated with information from a repeating table, you'll have to add the data source field INSIDE the repeating table, select "add/updaterow," and then bind the fields to the data source accordingly. 

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