Search and edit old data entries

I´ve made a "Screen" with the type "Listing" and linked it to data source "App: Entry History" which allows me to search and edit/update already completed forms.

The problem is that "App: Entry History" only includes the ones made locally on the device.

I want to access the completed forms on all of my other devices.

Is there a way to make this possible?

  • Hi there Ville! Yes this is entirely possible. What you want to do is create a user defined data source, and not use the "App: Entry History" data source. The latter data source is great for a listing screen but only shows data for a specific user, and just device entry history. That history is reset once you remove the app from your device. 

    Back to a user defined data source. Create a data source with each of the fields of your form that you want to save. A quick way to do this is to download one or more entries from your form in a CSV, then upload that CSV to your user defined data source. 

    Next, go into your form design and add a data control tied to that data source, checking the box to add new and update existing entries. 

    Next, click on each field and in advanced settings for that field, select which field to "bind to data source". When you begin to enter forms, it will save your entries into a data source (ie. database), and you can then create a listing, mapping, and/or detail screen for that data. The following article should help you.

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