Is it possible to download more than 100 data entries at a time?

When I try to download the captured data manually, I select the Data Entries, Table View,  customize the date range and get the total number. Most of the time is over 100, but unfortunately, I can't download more at a time. Is there a way to download the total number at once?

Any advice and suggestions will be much appreciated.

  • Hi Gabriela,

    At this time it is limited to 100 rows. We have clients that send submitted data to cloud platforms such as Google Sheets which is an out-of-the-box Connector. It is a great way to view and manage many more rows of information.

    We do appreciate the question and are always looking for ways to improve the platform. 

    Please see the following article about connecting to Google Sheets:


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  • Thanks for following up and for the possible solution.

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