Property editor for Screen Forms

I'd like to see another mode while editing a form: property editor. 

Say I want to check the require field for all applicable objects. 

I would enter this mode, choose Required from a drop down, then a list of all the objects in left column, with the value of Required in the next column.

Tools to mass update would be a nice touch as well.

This way, we can check values of properties of forms that have lots of objects, easily.


  • Thank you for the suggestion!

    One way to accomplish this is to export the form to Excel and make mass edits. Inside the builder, you will see the EXPORT button near the top-right side of the page. When you are finished, you can upload it back into builder.

    In the screenshot below, column G is used to specify the Requirement of the field. Blank means that it is not required, while Yes indicates that it is. You can also use conditional logic. To make mass edits, simply click and hold the bottom-right corner of the cell and drag down for all rows needed. Upload it back into the builder and voilà, mass edits made easy!

    Note: Images in section and media fields will have to be put back into the form, exporting it drops them from the design. The fields remain, but they will be blank.



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