User feedback on image upload progress

Is there a way to show app users how far image upload has progressed, without them having to open the settings screen and keep going in and out to see the updated number of uploads pending? Ideally this would be included in the force sync, or have something else that can be shown on the app homescreen. We're finding users are leaving the app while images are still uploading and the only way to get the upload to finish is to open the app and let it sit with the phone turned on, but the users don't know how long they need to leave it for.

  • Hi Geoff,

    Image uploads happen in the background and the users do not have to leave the device open. As you mentioned, they can check the Settings page to see the progress.

    Media upload times can vary greatly depending on many factors such as device type/age/OS/version, WIFI/data connection, and media file size/type.

    You can test this by submitting a form that has many media files. Exit the app (letting it run in the background) and leave the phone on. Login to the platform and navigate to Data Entries > Feed View and locate your submission. You will see a media upload progress count. Refresh the page a few times and watch for the the upload count to increase.

    For more information on synchronization, see the following article that we added for you:

    When does the app synchronize/check for updates?

  • Thanks for the detailed feedback, and the article is very useful, much appreciated. However in my own tests I've not seen any image uploading happening in the background, for iPhone and Android devices. If the phone is locked the upload seems to stop. I will test further in case it's just down to network speed or something and let you know.

  • Interesting point. With any of our devices that are managed by the company, the lock time is greatly shortened from the default options (at least for iOS devices), so devices would be locked sooner. I think our maximum setting is 5 minutes, after which the device would lock. I have not done any direct tests with this, although I have frequently seen forms where only some of the media files uploaded, and the connector has a "wait" status.  We then have to inform the user to get their device online and wait until the files are uploaded (by looking in the settings screen).

  • Correction on our response earlier:

    It is expected behavior for the app to upload images only when the it is running in the foreground. One reason for this is that both iOS and Android are very protective of battery life, and so special permissions tend to be required.

    We are always looking to improve the app and this is one area that is being looked at. Thank you for sharing your experience and please continue to do so. Keep an eye on our announcements for updates regarding this and other features!

    From our Knowledge Base:

    •   At user login on the app (or auto-login if using the "Remember Logins" option)
    •   On app's return to foreground from being in the background on the device.
    •   When the user hits the Upload button in a Form, completing it
    •   When the user manually hits the Force Sync button found on the Settings screen of the app. The Force Sync button is purely there for manual checking, it is not required for synchronization to occur. 

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