Multiple data source filters on a Choices field

I'm trying to filter a data source in a couple of layers:

  1. Showing only the items from the data source that have been selected in a previous Choices field on the same page
  2. Excluding the single item that has been selected in another previous Choices field on the same page

It doesn't appear to be working, as the exclusion does not take effect even though the inclusion does. Is there a limitation on how these criteria are applied? 

I've tested "does not equal" and "not in list" but neither seem to work. Any suggestions of another way I could do this?


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  • Hi Geoff,

    Can you provide an example of what your list looks like in {{tbtnames}}? We expect something like: John Doe|Jane Doe|Mark Smith|Mary Smith and that these names appear in the data source identically and case sensitive.



  • Yes, it looks like that example, with some codes in brackets for some, e.g. John Doe (34 D)|Jane Doe (H0 0 D)|Mark Smith|Mary Smith

    The names are pulled from the same data source for both the fields referred to here, i.e. the field in the screenshot, tbtnames and tbtsig1. So presumably your question about appearing in the data source identically and case sensitive doesn't apply? Apologies if I've misunderstood!

  • Hi Geoff,

    We've repro'd this just to double-check, and the logic of the condition filters should work in your scenario.

    Is {{tbtsig1}} a multiple-choice value? If so, the filter would need to be "not in list" rather than "does not equal."

    It may also help to place some text fields bound to these choices fields on the form so that you can evaluate the values output by the choices fields, to help with troubleshooting.


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