Sketch controls

We use the sketch field type to capture schematics of systems. We've made use of the feature to add custom icons which is very helpful, however we find the field is not practical to use for these reasons:

  1. When adding a shape or an icon the pinch/zoom controls are too fine-grained so getting a consistent size of icon lined up consistently is almost impossible. Lines and icons end up being slightly different thicknesses or sizes or are at slightly different icons.
  2. If a mistake is made when adding an element, or something needs to be moved it cannot be edited once it has been added. Pressing Clear removes the whole diagram and it needs to be started from the beginning. So any mistakes mean starting again.
If it was possible to undo back through all layers added until the sketch is saved, fix object size, and set rotation of objects to only 90 degree increments, we'd be able to use this in our use case.

I'm interested in any form of workaround you can suggest, or to hear of any other use case that makes use of the sketch field and how others are using it.

Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Geoff,

    You bring up some excellent points.

    Just for our understanding, how are you intending to use the icons you draft using the Sketch field? Have you utilized the customized icons in the app setup feature of the platform?

    Talk to you soon,


  • Yes, I've added the customised icons we use for schematics. The issue is just the sizes and angles when adding them into the sketch.  The schematics involve repeating straight lines and multiple icons on each line. Getting that looking neat and as easy to create as possible is what we're trying to achieve.

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