How to create a form that alerts if inspection items differ from a previous form submission

I have created form where a  user is able to  input ID's (as integers)  for four items (item 1, item 2, item 3, item 4). Items will be inspected/inventoried in no particular order. For example the inspection could record item 3 first, item 4 second, item 2 third and finally item 1. 

In a week's time I want the user to perform another inspection of these items. Next week's inspection could record the items again in no particular order. For example next week's inspection could record item 2 first, then item 1, then item 3 and finally item 4. 

I want to be able to be able to fire off an alert if one of those items inventoried during the latest inspection is either missing or if one of the item ID's from the latest inspection doesn't correspond with the item ID's recorded during a previous inspection. 

Any ideas how to pull this off? 

  • One idea for your form is to track previous inspection items in a data source. Bring in the previous inspection in some hidden fields for each of your items 1to 4. The next time you inspect, compare the previous items with current items and send an email through a connector if they differ or are missing. You could then update the data source using a second data source control and a second set of hidden fields to update the data source. 

    Do you think that might work?

  • Hi Will,

    Were you able to find a solution for this based on Victor's answer?


  • Yes, I pulled item numbers 1-4 from the previous inspection using hidden fields. I then compared each item number entered in the form with the data in the hidden fields to see if the field entry equaled any of the four entries previously submitted. 

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