Amazon Web Services

Has anyone used the AWS connector? We are looking for alternatives to storing and managing data in SharePoint, due to limitations of SharePoint imposed by Microsoft, especially, the 5,000 item limit for lists and libraries (after which performance and features become limited). Is there a cost from Forms on Fire for an AWS connection?  Just looking to see if anyone else has used this successfully.

  • Hi Mark:

    The AWS Connector is file storage, not a web service. You want to install a web service on AWS, be it SYNQL or your own custom REST Web Service, and use a REST connector to AWS. The AWS connector is used for Buckets, which is a file storage term, for storing files, such as PDF, DOCX, XLSX, CSV, etc. 

    The AWS File storage connector is included as part of our connectors without additional charge. If you design your own web services, you can use a REST connector without additional charge. If you want to use SYNQL, that has a subscription license associated with it. 

    Does that help?


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