How to track an ID generated by Zapier in a data source?

I have a Zapier connection between Google Sheets and the FOF Data Source. Some rows don't appear in my data source. However, the entries in Zap's task history are visible. I was informed that IDs generated by Zapier are available as a parameter to send to the FOF system, and a way to inquire into is by creating another column in the FOF data source to take in the value and see which row it is updating. Unfortunately, the data source has over 100 rows, and it does not allow me to change it. If I try to create a new data source and truncate it, so I can alter it by adding another column I don't know where exactly to put the value.
Could anyone shed some light on this situation?  

  • Hi Gabriela,

    You can make changes to a data source by exporting it into Excel. Clicking the Export button at the top-right of the screen when you are in the data source. We have an article that explains this here.



  • Thanks for the help. I now have the data in an Excel file, but, unfortunately, I still don't know how to do a search based on the Id generated by Zapier. (Screenshot attached) Thoughts? 

  • Hello,

    Is that new column populated with Zapier ID's yet? Can you show where you are trying to perform your search? Is it from a form?


  • Thank you for following this up. I have no clue how to check a data source in Forms on Fire based on an ID like that. All I know is that Zapier's logs for a specific row entry showed as being sent to FOF with the ID e1623bc3e2b149abadafab4a01514076. Consequently, I was asked to check the data source in FOF based on that ID. It's a mystery to me. The matter is not essential at the moment, but I'd love to know for future challenges.

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