Formula Tester/Debugger

I would be great if we could have a place where we can test Formulas:

It could be used for filter formulas as well.

Create  a test bench where we can put in a formula AND the ability to mimic values.

There would one box to put a formula

And then other boxes that would allow be placeholders to data names, including {{this}}

Associated with the name, the index position

Example formulas:

(usermeta('Location')={{this[11]}} and ISBLANK({{this[18]}})) 

where would be 'rows' of values:

Name, Index, Value

this, 11, Frisco

this, 18, 2020-01-01



Name, Index, Value

employee_data, 2, parttime

Imagine 3 columns for each data time

An 'Evaluate' button to examine the formula

Lastly, a results field

A test bench if you will, for formulas.

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