Can a screen form with two Word templates generate one before the other?

I have a screen form with two different word templates attached to it.

One template is assigned for the Operator, and the other is for the Supervisor.

I'm looking for a solution where the Operator Form gets generated before the whole form is submitted.

To solve this issue, I have created a clone after the original form, which I named it Operator, and at the end of the form, I have added an action field - the "Open Screen" field's interaction. (Screenshot attached)

To trigger the PDF Operator form, I used in the email connector configuration the formula {{step1}}=NOW(). (Screenshot attached)

However, the trigger won't generate the form. Not until the whole screen form is submitted.

How can I generate the Operator form before the whole form is submitted?

What do you think I'm doing wrong? Is it the formula?

Thank you for your help.

  • There may be a much simpler way, and not create two forms. What is the purpose of creating two forms?

    If the Operator form is just a sub-set of the Supervisor form fields, why don't you have one form, whereby at the bottom of the Operator section, you submit, the Word template is sent, and a workflow is used to the next user (perhaps even yourself), where that form sent via a task then allows the user to add the additional, Supervisor only, fields. Then submit the form for the final Word template to be sent including the Supervisor template. Does that work? Please explain the workflow more fully if you don't think this will work. 

  • Hi Victor,

    Thank you for your reply to my inquiry. The information is valuable, and you've raised a good point about the forms. Although the Operator form and the Supervisor form share the same necessary information from the data source, they are a little bit different. To give an example is like an apparatus with different pieces, where each piece measures and weighs differently, although they are part of the same device. Consequently, one appliance may need up to six forms, and the Operator form allows the inspector to fill the form according to each piece.

    The goal is to generate the Operator Form, once the info from the data source is pre-filled in the screen form. Preferably, without exiting so as to continue with the Supervisor form. The reason why I thought that the "Open Screen" field's interaction could be a solution, it's because there's a flow even if I break the screen form into two. The data from the Operator form instantly shows on the Supervisor screen form. What do you think? Thanks so much for your help.

  • Hello,

    Did you end up with the two form approach? If so, how is that working?


  • Hi! Thank you for following up on this. I couldn't figure out how to generate the first form by using the "Open Screen" field's interaction, nor how to keep it as one piece.

    At the moment, to make it easier for the team, I broke the screen-form into two. One has the short version and generates a PDF as soon as the data source prefills all the info. And the other form is in its full version.

    I sincerely hope that, with your help, we'll discover a solution that could generate the two PDFs at different times by using only one screen-form.

  • Gabriela:

    You could create a single form, whereby the form will have a process step that sends itself back to the user who created it, in the form of a task. Upon submitting the form the first time, the first PDF will be generated and sent. Upon uploading the form from the task, which will have a different status or value in the process step, the second PDF will be sent. This allows the user to control the timing of the second PDF, without interrupting the validation rules you want by creating a single input form. 

    Try that?


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  • Victor, I appreciate your feedback, and I am happy to announce that this issue was solved. A huge shout out to the FOF team who helped me tremendously with the form and the run condition formulas.

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