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I was curious if there is a way to set up my form design in a way that allows the user to "save to cloud". This way if they would like to finish their form on another device they would be able to. I have looked into workflow but can not figure it out.

Thanks for the help.

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  • This is indeed possible. We typically have this kind of process in our forms. Basically what it entails is using two process steps, each that call the other. Process step one calls step 2 if it is to be kept open, and the assigned person is yourself. If the form is complete, you just press done on step 1 and it sends without being kept open. Step 2 calls step 1 in the same way if the user isn't done, or complete is pressed and the form submits without calling a next process step.

    I've created a simple template form with these two process steps in them, and one text field. Feel free to add these to your current form or start a new one and import this to see how it works. 



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  • Hello Sonny,

    I would love to point you in the right direction! Using the Process Step field type you are able to set up a workflow process that allows the user to "save to cloud" and finish their form on a different device. Workflow allows a form design to be started and completed on two separate devices by uploading the data to the cloud then sending the form as a task to the next user, or back to the original use.

    There is an awesome example in the Examples Catalog called "Asset Check Process" that shows how to set up the Process Step field type.

    Hope this helps!

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