How to a show a field based on another field's value?


I have a very basic form that is asking many questions that have a Yes, No, or N/A choice. Is it possible to show a comment text area for the user to write a response if a question is answered with "No"? But if the question is answered with "Yes" or "N/A" the comment text area does not show. If this is possible how is this accomplished?


  • Hi Sonny,

    It is absolutely possible to show a Text field type based on the data value of another field. You may notice in the online screen designer if you click on a field it will display the field properties on the right-hand side of the designer. The field properties allow you to completely customize the behavior of that selected field. 

    Go ahead and click on the Text field you want to show only if your Yes/No/NA question is answered with "No".  Look in the field properties and locate "VISIBILITY" under the "Validation & Behavior" section. Here is a screenshot of the field properties for your reference:


    You can either write your formula directly in the visibility text box, or you can click the hammer icon on the right to open the formula builder. If you're new to form designing I would recommend using the formula builder. Go ahead and click on the hammer icon.

    The formula builder pop-up will show a large text box with two drop downs at the top, "Insert a Field" and "Insert a Function". The insert a field drop down will show you a list of all the fields that are currently in your form design listed by their data name. The insert a function drop down will show you a list of all the functions currently available for use. 

    Click on the insert a field drop down and choose the data name of your Yes/No/NA question field. You'll notice when you click on the field from the drop down it will appear in between "{{" and "}}".  These are signifiers the platform uses to insert a dynamic value. So you'll see something like this:


    Now that you have your field selected, let's build the formula. Click on insert a formula and scroll down until you see "Equal To" in the "Logic" section of the drop down. This will input "=" into your formula to the right of your field. The last part of the formula is specifying the value selected. The platform reads static text defined in between two single quotes. So take the exact data value, which in your case would be No, and simply write out 'No' after the =.  Here is an example of what your completed formula will look like:


    In conclusion, your new visibility for your Text field will only show if the question is equal to No.

    Hope this helps!

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