Can a PDF attachment be included in a Word output template?

I have a screen designed to include a filed attachment in one of the fields. If I include the name of that field in my Word template, will it include the entire PDF attached to a screen/form when I submit and the Word template is used in my email or OneDrive connector? 

Thanks for your help! 

  • I have never tried this, but I think the attachment will be submitted as a completely separate file from your Word template.  Not sure what effect including the field name in the Word template will have, but likely it will just insert something like the field name itself as part of the filename.  The best way to find out is to test it.

  • There is an excellent article in the Knowledge Base about this topic. Using a separate field to capture the document URL, you can include that in the Word output design, allowing the user to click through to the actual document on the site. Secondarily, you can check the option to "Send Media Files Separately" and it will send the PDF alongside your output document for that particular connector. Here is a link to the support article:

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