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We are trying to figure out the best email configuration for outgoing emails. (ie. user submits a form with that form having an email connector that sends). 

We would like the email to come from the user who is submitting the form. Can we do that from your system? If so, how? If not, what are the best practices?

  • You have this option in the Email Connector settings:


    If you always want the form to be sent to the person who is currently logged in to the app, you can create a hidden field with the dynamic value USEREMAIL() which will populate the current user's email address. Then select that hidden field for the To Form Field in the connector.

    Hope that helps!

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  • Not sure if my previous post came through, but I've just read your question again and realised that it's the from address you want to customise. There isn't a way to do that currently that I'm aware of. Apologies for misunderstanding the question!

  • You can indeed have your forms come "from" the user who submitted the form, but only if your domain is set up using an SPF record. If you don't know what is an SPF record, ask your domain administrator. 

    Who the email comes "from" depends on your set up for the form email connector. The platform looks for the FROM in this order:

    1. Is there an explicit email address in the FROM field on the connector? If so, it will come FROM that address. However, it will look like SPAM to the receiver, if there is no SPF record for this address. You may not use a generic email address, such as,, in this, or any, FROM address. Why? Because there is no way to associate an SPF record from those public sites.

    2. If there is not an explicit email address in the FROM field as outlined in 1, above, the platform will look to the "Default Sender Email" outlined on the Organization Setup page. The default email in this box is setup as The domain indeed has an SPF record associated with it to white list any emails coming from SendGrid, our email provider for the platform. 

    3. If no explicit email address in the connector exists (point 1 above), and no "Default Sender Email" is set up in the Organization Setup page (point 2 above), the FROM address will be the actual user who submitted the form. This user's email address must be from a domain that contains an SPF record. If it does not, or if it is a,,, etc. email, the receivers of those emails will likely be looking in their SPAM folder a lot, if they receive it at all. 

    For more information about how to set up an SPF record for SendGrid in your domain, follow these instructions.

    Please also review this support FAQ, "Why aren't my emails being received by my users?"

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